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That’s, like, an entire year of work, there. Holy shit. I’m so stoked right now.


Posting a “during” update because I’m pretty psyched about my progress so far. The “before” pics were taken in March, but I looked the same until I started Crossfit in August. So, this is essentially a four-month progress shot.
For reference, I’m 5’5”, down to 157 from 170; my goal weight is 135. A little more than 1/3 of the way there!

Posting a “during” update because I’m pretty psyched about my progress so far. The “before” pics were taken in March, but I looked the same until I started Crossfit in August. So, this is essentially a four-month progress shot.

For reference, I’m 5’5”, down to 157 from 170; my goal weight is 135. A little more than 1/3 of the way there!



Today at Central we did a benchmark WOD that we did 6 weeks ago… I love doing these because it’s so easy to see my progress!

The workout was:

Heavy Sled Grace
3 rounds:
10 Clean and Jerk (Rx 135/105)
Heavy Sled Push (Rx 205/165)

Looking back in my log, the last time I did this workout, I did it at 65# on the C&Js and the prowler wasn’t loaded, so it was just 65# too! I finished the WOD in a ridiculous 8:20 (the cap is 15mins, so that’s stupid fast), and I remember it being really easy. I even wrote in my log that day, “Could have gone heavier, smoked this WOD.”

Today I went 85# on the C&Js and the prowler was a HUNDRED pounds heavier! Even with that big a difference in weight, I still went pretty fast and finished in 10:26. It was hard, for sure (the sled push was probably hardest—shit was HEAVY and my quads were burning like fire at the end of each push), but I feel like I should have gone even heavier on the C&Js, because finishing five minutes early is still pretty fast. 95# would have put me right at 15:00. MORE WEIGHT, TOO EASY.

Next time we do this WOD, I’m going Rx. 105 baby.

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Sore like a motherf*&$er

Sunday was our intra-class Lean Lifting competition at RedBlack. I went into it expecting to simply have a good time rather than truly compete, because a couple of the ladies in our class are head and shoulders above me in weightlifting ability.

I ended up having a really good time and doing quite well in a couple of the events, and incredibly poorly in one, but at least I exposed a major weakness I didn’t know I had, AKA: squats.

The first event was max back squats at a percentage of our bodyweight (we weighed in before we started). Each rep at 100% of bodyweight earned you 3 points; 90% earned you 2 points; and 80% earned you 1 point. My bodyweight is a good 20-30 pounds more than most of the other ladies in the class, so my 80% was pretty hefty, and I was only getting 1 point per rep. At 130 pounds, I eked out 14 reps before almost dropping the bar. I felt pretty great about it, because my previous 1 rep max on back squats (measured a couple months ago, though) was 135. So 14 reps at nearly the same weight had me happy. UNTIL I saw the rest of the ladies go, and OH MY GOD I am WAY behind in back squats. Case in point: Mari, whose bodyweight is only 130, so she did the same weight as me but got three points per rep—and she squatted 130 FIFTY TIMES IN A ROW. Without dropping the bar or anything. I was flabbergasted. Another girl did her bodyweight of 150, for 39 reps. I MEAN! Holy crap. So, gotta work on squats, for sure.

The other two events I sailed through. The second event was yoke carry, on which I did one of the highest weights at 307.5 (and I could have done more, but you were only allowed three attempts). The last event was a sandbag Grace followed by a sandbag sprint up a hill and back. I got the fastest time in this event with 2:28.

Mari ended up cinching the win with the first event—because who can beat 50 reps x3points per rep? Amazing. The whole things was fun and felt good, a very friendly competition.

Yesterday at Central we did a classic WOD of 21-15-9 box jumps, OH KB swings, and sumo deadlift high pulls. Rx was 20”, 16kg, and 65#, and I went Rx. I did pretty well on this workout, beating the fastest ladies time from the previous classes that day by an entire minute, although the SDLHPs were brutal.

This morning at RedBlack there were YET MORE sumo deadlifts, though no high pulls. Sumo DLs are weird for me, because you’re supposed to be able to do far more than your max DL, but I max out WAAAY under my max DL. Obviously my posterior chain needs some work.

We finished out this morning’s session with a For Time WOD of 4 rounds, 9 power clean - 6 front squats - 3 push press. I did 75# and this one was a doozy. Deceptively difficult—that bar gets HEAVY by round 3. But I did pretty well, finishing in 6:30-ish.

My butt and hamstrings are crazy sore, but weirdly, so are my psoas muscles on the top-front of my legs. Don’t know what that’s about. All I know is I don’t want to squat anymore for a little while.

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Run like hell

Today I rolled into Central to see on the board:

Strength: 7x2 superset Deadlift/Pullup
WOD: 1 mile run

DUN DUN DUN. Well, them’s the breaks. We don’t do a lot of running in Crossfit, which is one of the reasons I love it. So occasionally they like to spring running on us, as with CC Flyers, or this.

My running is… not good. I’m very slow. My body is completely not built for it. I was once really into running, trying to be a real runner, and I even ran a marathon. Most painful thing I ever did and I’m pretty sure my fastest mile was around the 10:00 mark. It’s just not something this collection of bones, muscles and joints has any interest in doing for longer than a few minutes.

But this morning I was feeling like it would actually be an interesting test to see how fast I could run a mile. I’m fitter now than I was when I was running all the time—by a lot—although I do weigh more, due to muscle. So it’d be an interesting experiment. I got myself into the mindset of, “Well shit, if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna DO THIS,” and went for it.

To run a mile, we basically run our 800m loop around the block behind Central, twice. I took the first loop a little slow, building up a good pace, and then on the second loop I just went for it. The whole last quarter mile I felt like I was really going to toss my cookies. I rounded the corner and came in to the finish hot at 8:38. 8:38!! That, for me, is an AMAZING time. Especially when you consider that I haven’t run a distance longer than 400m in several months. Crossfit really does get you into shape for anything.


Round out the week with dumbbells

This morning was suddenly very chilly in Central Texas, so our warmup was long and involved a lot of crawling-type moves to open up as many joints as possible. We then moved on to a strength workout:

5 rounds
2 power clean + thruster
10 KB box step-ups

I decided not to push it on the thrusters because of all the shoulder work we did yesterday. I did a few rounds at 75, then did an 85 and a 95. The 95 was hard but still doable, so I think I could have gone to 100 or 105. It felt good to get thruster practice, though. Crystal helped me figure out how to avoid the “butt wink” in a squat—AKA that backwards tilt of the pelvis when you pass a certain point in the squat. Also, I keep hopping up on my toes at the top of the thruster, when I’m supposed to keep a tight core and legs and drive up with the arms. Going to practice that a lot.

The WOD was great. It was a 10-minute AMRAP:

Dumbbell OH carry right arm, turn, switch, OH carry left arm
5 DB snatch R/5 DB snatch L

The Rx’d DB weight was 35#, but there weren’t nearly enough for everyone. I picked up a 25# DB and did a few snatches with it, decided it was unjustifiably light, and went for the 30#. I then blasted through this workout with almost no pauses (only to pausing to switch hands and take a breath between sets). Quite speedy. I think I’d like to do this again with the Rx’d 35#. Score: 7.75 rounds (I only had the 5 snatches on the left to do when they called time).

NO WORKOUT TOMORROW! I always find myself antsy on Saturdays because I’m not working out. Taking rest days gets harder as you get better at what you’re doing.

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Shoulders of fire

Today’s workout at Redblack was shoulder-heavy, but felt great, and there was NO RUNNING PRAISE THE SAINTS. Whew.

We started with a warmup WOD of KB snatches, Turkish Get Ups, band pulls (like a fly but pulling a band across your chest), and handstand pushups. I did a couple of sets of the HSPUs going halfway down and pressing back up, and a set of negatives to really work on getting all the way down.

Then we worked on log cleans. I LOVE LOGS! There’s something so interesting and mentally engaging about the move, you have to really think your way through it. I blasted my way through 5x3 starting at 65# and ending at 100#! I was pretty proud of myself for that. Only one other person could do the 100#. I even think I could have done 105, but we’ll see about that another day.

The last WOD was something I will henceforth call Shoulders of Death. It was five 30-second sets. In the 30 seconds, you start with strict presses and do as many as you can to failure, then switch to push presses until you fail, then switch to push jerks until the 30 seconds is up. I almost did 65# but then I remembered that we did a billion push presses yesterday at Central, so my shoulders were still recovering—not wise to try and do a max weight. I stuck to 55. This ended up being a good decision. The first 30 seconds, I blasted through strict presses, not pausing at all, and not failing. Second set, I failed strict presses after 5 reps. Switched to push presses. Third set, I failed some more and ended up getting all the way to push jerks. By the fifth set I was yelling and grunting just trying to jerk the damn bar overhead—strike that, just trying not to drop the damn bar. LACTIC ACID OMG OW. That shit burned like a muhfuh. Very hard, but fast, and fun, WOD.

Anybody needs something lifted overhead today, ask someone else. These shoulders are dunzo.


Heavy week

Since Sunday, this week’s workouts have been tough. Lots of running, lots of squatting, lots of heavy weight. I say YAY to the last two things and a big UGH to the first. Seriously, running? Suck a nut. I hate you.

Sunday we did some fun stuff with keg-lifting (get a weighted keg from the ground to your shoulder, drop, repeat), logs, and a not-so-fun warmup involving kettlebells and running. I always feel like I don’t want to go on Sundays, but I’m always glad I do, because it’s a great workout and a good way to stay on track eating-wise for the rest of the day (I tend to be lax on weekends). As we were warming up Sunday, Jen mentioned something about not doing anything arm-intensive because “You, you, and you are doing CC Flyers tomorrow, and you and you are doing Cindy.” I was one of the “you”s doing CC Flyers. I asked what it was and was horrified to be told it’s a benchmark WOD involving running, OH squatting, and box jumps. LITERALLY MY THREE WORST THINGS. Gah.

Monday I showed up at Central nervous and in a bit of a dread state. Long story short, I did the effing workout and it was hard as balls and I barely finished. It was:

3 rounds
400m run
21 box jumps
12 OH squats

The time limit was 15:00. I finished in 15:01 because I was just beginning my last OH squat when he called time, and I had suffered so much in the workout that I was damn well not going to DNF, so I finished out the squat and wrote 15:01 on the board.

I scaled it quite a bit, with a 12” box (my box jumps are getting a lot better but still not at a 20”) and a 45# bar. Even with the 45# bar, I was dangerously close to falling or dropping it in the OH squats. I just always pitch forward and lose shoulder lockout on the way down into the squat. For someone who can get upwards of 100 pounds over her head, this should not be happening. So after class, I stayed to talk to our assistant coach Whitney to figure out why my OH squats suck so much. And here’s why Crossfit is totally worth the money: she was able to nail down immediately what my problem is (ankle mobility) and give me some exercises to stretch my ankles and improve. Boom, knowledge bomb.

Tuesday at Redblack we did YET MORE running (third day in a row and I was beginning to get worried that this is a new “thing” they’re doing or something), and then worked our second week of supersquats. I went up 15lb to 100, and this time the 20 reps were distinctly difficult. I’m sort of dreading 110 next week. The WOD was the same one they’ll be doing at the Crossfit Classic this Friday, an old WOD from the Games:

5 rounds
5 DL (Rx 185)
10 burpees

I was feeling cocky and I said to this, what the hell, my DL max is 195, I can probably lift 185, it’s only five reps per set! LET’S DO THIS! GOIN’ RX’ED! WOO! We started the workout and I grunted my way through the first set of deadlifts, which were ineed quite heavy, and moved through the first ten burpees smoothly, then stepped back to the bar for the second set—and nothing. Couldn’t budge it. It was kind of hilarious. Note to self: being able to do something once does not mean you’ll be able to do it 5 times. Anyway, I quickly scaled the weights down to 135 because I was way behind from having to unclip the bar and remove weights, and I wanted to move through it fast. Even with the time taken to adjust the weights, I still finished in 6:24. Next time I’ll pick a more appropriate weight—another girl in my class who lifts heavier than me did 165, and I think that’s probably what I should have done—and do the whole thing unbroken. Man, though, the respect I have for Games competitors skyrockets every time I attempt something Rx’ed. THAT SHIT IS HEAVY.

This morning at Central we finally had a break from running (praise god) and did a fun little WOD:

AMRAP 12 minutes
12 toes to bar
9 back squats
6 push presses
Rx weight: 95 for ladies

I was thinking of scaling this to 75, but I really really wanted to do a workout unbroken and fast, and work on my conditioning. So I scaled to 65. Also, anyone who couldn’t do TTB did laying toes-to-wall, which fuck, is harder than TTB because it’s all abs, no swinging momentum. I gotta get my TTB in line so I can do that next time. I moved through this WOD fast, like I had intended, only breaking to go to the next station. I got 5 rounds plus a set of TTW in the 12 minutes.

If I have to run tomorrow I’m going to cry. 

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